School History

  Rajini Foundation school is running under the Basic Education Core Curriculum B.E. 2551, using English as the medium of communication. This school will be only for girls, starting from Grade 7 (for ages 11-16) and finishing primary education grade 6 or equivalent with an average GPA 2.0 or above. The school will extend classes each year to grade 12.

  Rajini Foundation school is not aimed only at English learning, but focuses on allowing learners to explore their aptitude, life skills and social responsibility, proper balance in regard to knowledge, virtue and pride according to the school’s philosophy ‘knowledge coupled with discipline and virtue’. Learners will constantly be enveloped in the proper environment for academic and leisure learning with close supervision from all academic teachers and staff through various activities for learner development. Learners will gain life skills for people in the 21st century to live happily in the society, to be good family members and the world.

  Six subjects will be conducted in English : Science, Mathematics, Social Studies (except history, religion and Thai culture) , Health and Physical Education, English and computer.